Research has shown that training for individual governing bodies, involving all governors’ has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the governing body as a whole. Governors are strongly recommended therefore to take full advantage of a 2 hour Governing Body Development Session (GBDS).

The following is a comprehensive selection of development sessions to choose from, which can be adapted to suit your governing body’s specific needs.

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  • REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 5th OF NOVEMBER.  We recommend that bookings are made by 5 November 2021  to ensure tutor availability
  • GBDS' must be taken between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022
  • GBDS' must be booked by 5 November 2021

Please Remember: A Governing Body Development Session is specific training for the governing body and governors from other schools should not be invited. If you would like a joint training session with other schools please contact us to discuss details. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing Provision in your School 
There could not be a more pertinent time to ensure that mental health and wellbeing provision in our school is a priority. In this session governors will understand what is meant by emotional/mental health and wellbeing and the school’s role in supporting it, the Ofsted focus on behaviour and attitudes, what is meant by Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural provision and how governors can monitor the impact of all of this in their school. The learning outcomes for this session are:

Are you fulfilling your Statutory Responsibilities Effectively?
This facilitated session will help governors understand what these responsibilities are and to reflect on their effectiveness to ensure compliance.

Using the Governance Competency Framework to Improve Impact
This topic reviews the 2017 Governance Competency Framework and what it conveys about effective governance. It provides a valuable opportunity to evaluate your governing body’s work against the 6 features and 16 competencies outlined in the framework or if at a core session an opportunity to network and share good practice with other local governors.

How to Become Outstanding – and Stay There
Based on national research, this session will explore the key characteristics of Outstanding schools and examine the comparative criteria for Good and Outstanding judgements in the Ofsted evaluation schedule. It will also provide the opportunity to reflect on your own school’s position and the governors’ role in driving school improvement.

Preparing for Ofsted
Governors need to understand the process of an Ofsted inspection for them to support their school effectively. They also need to make sure that they are meeting their statutory obligations and fulfilling their duties. This session is for governors and staff and is packed with information but also has time for attendees to ask questions to reflect on their own preparation for inspection.

Getting a Head Start - Sustainable Leadership for the Future
Successful governing bodies are clear about how they see the school moving forward. Where do you see your school in five years’ time and what type of headteacher will be right to help you achieve this? At the end of the session, you will have a clear vision for your school, the type of headteacher you want to work with and an understanding of the different styles of leadership. You will take away an overview of the recruitment process and know who to contact to help you take this forward when you are ready to recruit a new headteacher.

Getting to Grips with data and School Assessment
Governors, working with school leaders, are responsible for the achievement of all pupils, with a firm focus on disadvantaged children and vulnerable groups. This session ensures governors appreciate the range of data available in school, can understand how to read the external data, Analyse School Performance (ASP) and how the school is measuring progress of all groups of pupils to be able to challenge the school and support school improvement.

Engaging with Parents and Carers
How do we go about identifying and making available the information that parents and carers want and need? This session will help governors understand what parents and carers need to know and how they can make this information available, as well as exploring how governors can engage more effectively with this group of stakeholders.

Developing your School’s Ethos, Vision and Strategy
Governors and staff need to share a common vision for the future if they are to move forward successfully together. This facilitated session will help you clarify the key aspects of your vision and agree your values and goals to ensure that you are all working towards them together. This session needs to involve both governors and staff to be fully effective.

Monitoring and Evaluating the effectiveness of the Pupil Premium for Governors
This session will help you reflect on best practice in using Pupil Premium funding effectively, understand how and why the Pupils Premium Grant is being used in the agreed way in your school and the key questions for governors to assess the impact of that spend.

Making Effective Governor Visits
An interactive training session aimed at developing a policy and protocols for governors’ visits. This useful session works best if as many members of staff can attend to ensure everyone is clear and in agreement about the governors’ strategic role when making monitoring visits to the school and how these visits should be conducted.

The Secondary/Primary Curriculum and the Role of the Governing Body
This session will cover the statutory requirements of secondary/primary curriculum provision and explore how governors can ensure that this and a broad and balanced curriculum is being delivered in their school.

Joining or Forming a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)
Are you becoming an academy or discussing converting to academy status?
In the white paper Educational Excellence Everywhere, the government outlined its plans for moving to a system where every school is an academy or was (be) in the process of converting, by 2020 with many of these operating within multi-academy trusts (MATs). This facilitated workshop will help you explore the options for your school, including the principles of academy status and multi academy trusts, the process towards becoming an academy and the implications of converting.
Overview of Safeguarding for Governors
Understand what is meant by safeguarding and categories of child abuse. Recognise/understand the role of the school and governing body.
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